Glass Recycling Ireland

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The end result of our unique glass recycling process is a crushed sand like material which is suitable for a variety of applications.  The ’sand’ can be purchased from ourselves at the quarry for collection or delivery.  Visit the How to buy our Products for details about this.

The applications to which our sand can be put is limited only by the imagination.  During the recycling process, the crushed glass is heat treated giving the sand a number of useful qualities including water resistance. This prevents clogging & it can be safely used in the following applications:

  • Water Treatment & Filtration
  • Decorative Stone
  • Plastering Sand
  • Concrete
  • Horse Gallops & Horse Rings
  • Sand Blasting
  • Terrazo Flooring

See details about the quantities and uses in the Our Products page

Obviously, we need waste glass for our processes.  If you have waste glass material you need to dispose of, we can help.  Go to the Supply us with Glass page for more details.